ken in barbie's world.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

faux is murder!

no shit, obviously fur is dead.

but it isn't 'dead', as in, socially unacceptable.

i personally have no problem with people wearing fur, but for some reason there is a stigmatism about it? ummm, what about leather? leather is just the skin of a dead animal, one layer below the fur? so whats the difference? somethings just make no sense.

like a PETA lady running after anna wintour in leather boots.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

c'est magnifique!

the following are some of my favourite ad campaigns from 2009, in no particular order :
claudia schiffer for alberta ferretti, good to see shes still got it, claudia that is.

ahh the lady dior ads, perfection.
emma watson, good to see you without a robe and a hat on,
you look great.

when i first saw these prada l 'eau ambre ads.

i was speechless. i think they are just, beautiful

the chanel ads are always divine, i love this so much. at first i thought this was one of the much anticipated lily allen ads, but then i found out it was Freja Beha Erichsen.

the louis vuitton resort collection was so amazing, so its no surprise the ad campaign is aswell. featuring the lovely catherine mcneil.
i wish everyone wore shoes like that to the beach.

and last but not least, alexander mcqueen.
i think this is an amazing contrast to all the optimistic, cheerful campaigns of this year. it is alot darker, much like mcqueens collections of late, but i still think its a beautiful photo, and he's an amazing designer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you're hot.

at the moment, im kind of obsessed with romance was born. i went to one of their fashion pr company little hero's supersales last weekend, and have since fallen more in love with them. my original obsession came from watching their doilies and pearls collection online. sadly, because i am not considered part of the media, i dont get invited to many (any) events. hopefully someone from rafw reads this and gives me an invite?

i also emailed them asking for work experience, no reply yet, im still hopeful .
given the current season (and temperature), im gonna share with you some of my favourite things to keep you cool, and make you hot this summer.

this seventh wonderland one piece swimsuit is one of the nicest ive seen all summer, considering pastels are in, and cut outs... were in? oh well it's still hot.

so, as i mentioned earlier, i love romance was born. im kind of obsessed, shhh dont tell.
and i just love this top. i think its a bit outrageous, a bit impossible to pull off, but i also think it is a great example of a term i am inventing now "australian couture". i think its very avant garde, and just amazing. i would love to use this in a photoshoot.
but, im still a nobody, so borrowing clothing from designers is impossible for me now.

im not really a fan of these pants though, i think high waisted, harem and lace are a bit, yawn now.

however, i do love this lace top, i think it is a beautiful dress to be worn to and from the beach, or even with a slip dress, tights and a necklace, worn out on the weekend.

this too, is romance was born.

what summer is complete without a new pair of sunnies?
these sunnies are AM eyewear karlbro in clear/black.
now i must say, i love this.
i love the top,
i love the shorts.
its alexander wang.
now, im not quite sure what to think of alexander wang, i mean sure, he's a talented designer, but i think hes a bit... whats the word? i'm not sure, but i read on fashion hayleys blog ( that she used one of the jackets (?) in a shoot she did, and that it wasnt the best quality, and was made in be careful with this.
the top is US$385 and is 48% acrylic. i dont know about that alex.
but still, its hot.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love hate,

there are a few things in the world (of fashion) i love, and a few things i hate.
the loves:

i love dior, romance was born, jean paul gaultier and valentino.
i love g star, ben sherman, lee, stussy, david and goliath (the brands i can actually afford)
i love lady gaga, and not just because she has good legs.
i love vogue. and harpers. and elle. and grazia (employ me? please?)
i love australia, because of its unique style and culture.
i love anna + grace, and the other anna, piaggi that is.
i love colour, even though i generally wear b+w.
i love john galliano, the real kaiser. NO OFFENSE KARL, please dont kill me.
i love kate moss, lara stone, sasha pivovarova, lily cole, liya kebede and isabela fontana.

and now for the hates:

i hate copycat designers, many come to mind, no names here though.
i hate bad celebrity fashion, you have so much money, at least spend some of it on clothes.
i hate australia, because it is always a season behind the rest of the world, when it could be a season ahead.
i hate name dropping in songs, particularly rap songs quoting 'Louis V' and such.
i hate attention seeking dressing, just to be out there, that being said:
i hate plain or boring dressing, black dress, black tights, black shoes. blah blah blah.

its true;

im actually a boy.

welcome to my blog,

This blog is solely about style, and fashion, and my life as a boy competing in a world that is ruled by women. I want to be a fashion editor, working at a fashion magazine. I understand how many people want this, and how difficult it will be for me to achieve.

Luckily there is one thing that sets me apart. I'm not just some blonde bimbo who reads vogue and wears jimmy choos. I actually care about fashion, i obsess over it, and i desperately want to be a part of the exclusive world that it is.
I created this blog because I needed a place to voice my opinion, and vent about all things fashion. I live in a small town in Australia, where fashion is considered unimportant, and as a career choice, second rate. I guess thats why fashion is so astounding to me, becuase it has always been a luxurious world so far from the one I live in.

so, there you have it: I am Ken in the world of Barbie.